Whey protein “Whey protein”

Surely all of you have ever heard or tried any protein-based supplementation, in fact it is usually the most used. However, there are different types of protein, today we come to tell you about the famously known as “whey protein” or whey protein.

This protein is of very high quality at a nutritional level, which makes it very easy for our body to absorb. Its origin is in the transformation of cow’s milk into cheese, a process in which the whey protein is separated from the rest of the milk component, including the milk fat. This origin, gives excellent characteristics, with a low degree of fat and carbohydrates. This means that even the most exceptional ones want to include it in their training as supplementation, since their origin is totally natural.

Whey protein

Whey protein is undoubtedly of very high quality, and it turns out to be quite complete, since it has all the amino acids we need, as well as being the largest known source in the famous BCCAs. Our body is incapable in itself of generating all the amino acids that are essential, and this is why it needs high protein food with high quality, without a doubt one of the best ways to achieve this is to ingest a good type of whey protein . Needless to say, such a potent protein can not be found in other foods that we eat as a source of protein, such as egg whites, chicken and others, that is why it is recommended to obtain better results go to this supplementation .

As for the ideal time to take your whey protein shakes, the ideal would be freshly lifted, and after each testex 100 workout. The first because we come from a possible muscular catabolism while we sleep, and in the second case because we need to provide a series of nutrients to regenerate the muscle after a great effort. The whey protein, will help us to a faster muscle recovery after exercise, when it is necessary to restore our muscles, which are “broken” after exercise.

In addition, it should be noted that not only will help us increase muscle mass, but also that various studies and experiences show that it has many other health benefits, such as prevention against osteoporosis, strengthens the immune system, helps in the healing of wounds, etc. .

As always on this website, we like to be realistic, and everything in this life has a negative side. The excesses are never good, and in this case it would not be less. Nor should we abuse whey protein because it can lead to kidney problems in our body.

In short, it is perhaps one of the supplements, if not the most, we recommend for your training and fitness and that you can take from the beginning of your training and with the confidence of knowing that you are taking a natural product . Whey protein is one of the fashion products, so you will find it in any supplement store both physical and online.

Benefits of doing bodybuilding exercises and weights

The exercises of muscle building are the set of successively increasing activities in volume and intensity, which allow muscle growth and toning of these, giving them also a suitable and striking form. These muscle modifications are both muscular and skeletal.

Objectives of bodybuilding exercises
The main goals of muscle building are to increase strength without the need to increase body weight, improve the generic physical condition as a means of muscle conditioning , be a means of rehabilitation or recovery after having suffered some type of injuries, surgical interventions or diseases.

Before starting any routine with weight exercises , it is important to know and be very clear about what part of the body you want to work, then decide what you want in each of these parts, whether volume, improve tone, gain strength, obtain more resistance or reduce mass.

Among these exercises to realize it is important to know also the basic concepts handled within the exercises of bodybuilding , first of all, the series, these are the number of times that the exercise that has been allocated must be repeated.

muscle building exercises

Repetitions, these are the number of contractions and relaxations that are made in each series; weight, percentage of the maximum weight with which the routine can be performed; The speed of execution is the speed with which each weight exercise is performed, that is, the rise and fall of the arms with the weights.
Finally there are the days of proflex muscle              recovery, these are the full days of rest that must be done before repeating a job that affects the same muscle group. You can alternate with work of different groups to not prolong both the rest.

For the routine of bodybuilding exercises to be effective, it must be personalized, and should never end. To prolong this it is important to propose objectives on objectives, and always be clear that the exercise should be a lifelong companion.

As a reference you can then work the objective for four weeks, and rest one. During the summer and Christmas you can take vacations of up to a month, but it is important to remember that during these times you gain weight so that after the time work must double.

It is also important to keep in mind the level of weight that is handled every month, because the fact that it increases generates and also shows improvements in the body’s capacity and assimilate the training loads of the sports past.

Increase muscle mass with bodybuilding exercises
On the sides of the volume the objective is to increase the size of the muscle mass, in terms of strength it is to improve the contraction capacity of the muscle mass; the resistance makes the muscles endure more time working with the same load, and even more.

The muscle tone is to keep the muscles in shape to protect the body, finally the speed is able to improve the speed of contraction of the muscles to make the muscle building exercises more quickly and agile.

This is how having an adequate routine in bodybuilding exercises, the body and mind will receive enormous benefits both inside and outside. As long as each of these is done with enough dedication and dedication.

You can not forget either that part of each of the exercises of weights should maintain adequate nutrition, because it is useless to spend a lot of time in the GYM if on the other hand they are returning to gain calories due to an insane diet.

Tips and tips to increase physical endurance

The human being is always in constant movement, either because of the day to day activities; exercises among others, where the body is fundamentally affected in the physical by all this type of dynamism; And finally many people go to fast foods and end up with very bad eating habits either with the consumption of high calories or fats that are consumed without knowing the damage they cause it sounds terrifying! imagine that your body stopped being in shape; in addition to losing physical resistance continuously over time.

But do not worry, taking care is the beginning of your body becoming a sensational figure with good nutrition and hydration; acquiring excellent results; you will think But physical resistance is achieved by doing exercises! ; what you do not know is that having a good diet that sustains; proteins and carbohydrates, you can acquire better performance and muscle strengthening .

Proteins and carbohydrates are the essence for your body; have adequate nutrition without excess calories, where proteins in the body restore and strengthen muscle tissue; and carbohydrates increase your energy quickly.

Eating healthy means taking your day to day healthy. How? If you exercise and do not eat well, you will not get the energy you want for your body; Remember that the proteins and carbohydrates that you consume are vital to achieve it.

How to achieve high physical endurance and feel vigorous?
Easy follow these food tips and it will lead you to a better and healthier life.

Broccoli is one of the most feasible foods to consume, since it regenerates your organisms and cleans it. It can be prepared in salads or in drinks, how to drink? Just grab a piece of broccoli, wash it well and mix it with a glass of water and a touch of sea salt, and ready to drink it! Only for a period of 30 days.

The cereals, the yogurt, the spinach salads, the scrambled egg and the milk.

Fruits are an important piece to strengthen the body as:

The cambur, the milky, the beet, the morón, the medlars, the guanábana and the pineapple.

You always have to know how to consume food, drinks or fruits, remember that everything in excess is bad. Carry a routine or sequence of what you consume. For example, the most recommendable drinks would be in the mornings, why? Because your body needs to regenerate and be clean and start your day with a good physical resistance able to withstand the bustle. Surprising!

vegetable benefits
Eat well and take life relaxed, with good spirit and attitude, and not only your body will be sensational and snap hero testo in good physical shape, but your mind too, always keep in mind that eating healthy is a piece of the puzzle of your life.

I hope this information has been useful and always thinking about the well-being of a healthy body and physical resistance , remember that with exercises and a good nutrition and hydration will make you feel extraordinary (a) obtaining excellent results.

It is important to know what core exercises are for your benefit

Really for what are the core exercises? It is something basic, fundamental, core exercises always have to be present in the training of all sports. If it is not practiced, simply no other exercise goes well, we can not maximize the results of any other exercise and we expose ourselves to injuries.

So what are the core exercises, should I do it?
We must remember that “core” is an English word that means core, in this case core of our muscular system: the abdominal muscles, hips / buttocks and lower back … all these muscles form the “core”. In other words, it is nothing new, but it serves to z vital male enhancement put more emphasis on your training.

When a coach assists you, he knows very well what the core exercises are for, he will always order you to do stretching exercises and strengthening the abdominal muscles, hips / buttocks and lower back … simply because they are supporting muscles for everyone else exercises.

For example, if you want to practice for running competition, running, if you do not strengthen the core muscles, you will simply feel that your body does not accompany your legs, it will be an uncomfortable imbalance that will hurt you.

3 exercises to strengthen
Another example, if you dedicated to strengthen your arms, you can lift a great weight, but if your core is not as strong, when leaning to lift a medium weight, you could fall or not be able to lift the body, there are no strong muscles in your area half.

Many athletes who train on their own do not seem to know what the core exercises are for, they do not give them much importance. Although they train this part of the muscles, they do not give special importance to training enough, at the same time as their other muscles. For example they make arms or legs, but they forget the abdominals, the back, the hip.

The core exercises allow you to achieve greater harmony and balance, of your body, when practicing the sport that you like. You move as a unit, all your muscles contributing to the execution of the movement with which to seek success.

An elite trainer or athlete usually knows very well what are the core exercises, you just have to follow their advice: to achieve a better balance and stability, you make less effort, you spend less energy, you achieve a better body response, lower joint expense and consequently higher performance.

That is, exercising the muscles of the core serves to achieve a complete harmonization of your movements, even if you are not an elite athlete, you will have a better position when walking, you will feel lighter and more energized to make any spontaneous movement, and above all less injuries

Therefore, in your weekly training plan you should always contemplate the core exercises.

In summary: what are the core exercises for ?:
1.- To give you more stability when making any movement in daily life or in the competitions

2.- Improve your form, economy and efficiency by doing the sport you practice

3.- It will help you to fatigue less, because it will avoid the unnecessary work of other muscle groups

4.- Reduce lower back pain, since strong core muscles give the back the restraint necessary for any movement

5.- Improve your athletic performance, since all your muscles are acting as a unit contributing to better performance of the movement you do.

Benefits of training with the Safety bar to do squats

In the gym there are a lot of types of machines, bars and other instruments that help us perform some physical activity, either for a specific part of the body; or others that work the body in general. Today we will talk about the Safety Bar , a bar that works the same muscles when we use the Olympic bar to do squats.

Many see it in the gym and discard its use, relying on other types of leg machines, when in reality the Safety bar can become one of the most influential instruments of fitness . Why? What benefits does this bar offer when we use it to do squats? In LocuraFitness we will tell you.

Because I have to train with the Safety Bar

Surely after so many years in the gym, you’re still wondering what is the right way to do squats, so much practice, the distance of the feet, the exact route you must do, everything influences your training; But how about the position? While we do all the above mentioned; the position is paramount during the exercise.

Maybe you’re interested: The best food after training

And with the Safety Bar we can not worry about our column, thanks to the comfort that the rollers have, this helps us keep the balance of all the weight we are carrying on our trapeze. Great, is not it? It is very useful for those people that it seems that the weight was going to slide from the nape to the head when they make the journey.

Is the Safety Bar better than the Olympic bar?
A question in which we can answer Yes and no; Since the Olympic bar if it is put to good use becomes much better than the Safety Bar , since it allows us to work many body parts because of the position our dolls take when holding the bar; while with the other; what we go down with her; We will only feel a general work of the legs and the core.

Even so it is beneficial to use this type of bar to do exercises if you are a beginner, after having passed your own body weight on the bar (counting) is recommended to get sizevital male enhancement used to an Olympic bar, there is nothing like doing exercises with the freedom of our body and without help! Always taking care of the position to avoid damage to our spine.

If you liked the article do not forget to leave us your comments, you can follow me on IG , I will solve doubts regarding training and diets; In madness Fitness we are here to help you.

Which massages are effective against white stretch marks?

This type of stretch mark is a real source of complex for many people . If women are the most affected by this problem, so are men.

There is no real massage more effective than another in this situation, it is above all the chosen products and the regularity that will have an impact on the results.

What effective massage for white stretch marks?
You say to yourself:

I want to get rid of my white stretch marks , how to do it? If making them disappear completely is difficult, you can still mitigate them.

The best methods for this type of stretch marks are:

– The use of tretinoid cream (vitamin A). Prescription Available.- The use of glycolic acid to encourage collagen production for the purpose of reducing stretch marks. Available on ordonnance.- Laser .As you can see, opt for these solutions involves at least see a doctor or dermatologist.

If you do not want to use a health professional , you can turn to other solutions, with results that vary according to people and their regularity.

In commerce or pharmacy, you will find, for example, anti-stretch mark creams and oils. You can also dx lean diet forskolin turn to home care. Vegetable and essential oils can have benefits to improve the appearance of your body . Think of oils like coconut oil or tamanu oil.

In any case, you will have to take a moment to get a good massage. It is thanks to your actions that the product can penetrate the skin and make its effect. There is no massage technique better than another here, but you will need to massively massage every day, or twice a day, to get results. Take the opportunity to make it a real moment of well being .

Red or white stretch marks: what are the differences?
Many people think that there are two types of stretch marks: reds and whites . In reality, these are the same stretch marks, but at different stages of development. When the stretch mark is formed, there is an inflammation of the tissue, which causes the red color, sometimes also purple or even blue.

Then over time, the stretch mark will heal and that’s where it will turn white.

White stretch marks: the causes
Stretch marks usually appear when the body undergoes significant weight changes over a short period of time. This may be the case during pregnancy , a diet too intensive or even drugs causing a rapid gain or loss of weight.

Everyone is not equal in the face of stretch marks: naturally elastic skin, genetic predispositions or simply being hydrated can make a difference on the appearance of stretch marks and their evolution.

Follow all our tips to see your white stretch marks disappear. With perseverance and adapted care, you will find a nice smooth skin!

Wear a corset during the sport to lose weight?

Are you dreaming of a wasp waist and want to adopt the so-called miracle trick of many female stars of this women’s clothing during the sport? Designed to refine the size, flagship of women’s underwear and pin-up, this garment is on the front of the scene these days.

In reality, it is by no means a miracle training tool . Overview.

An ephemeral solution for a slim waist
Wearing this type of clothing during a physical activity has indeed a significant slimming asset , whether for women or men.

However, some doctors have pointed out that this is simply a short-lived solution . Once the brace is removed, your body will pick up and relax.

The only thing that could actually go in the direction of more intense fat removal is if you use a kind of Overnight Lean Keto garment around the waist , specially designed to make you sweat more during exercise.

In addition, over-tightening this type of clothing can be dangerous for your health, especially your ribs. During sports, this can also limit your movements or even cut your breathing .

The dangers of corset on health
This method is not safe for many women who have adopted it, especially during intensive physical exercise. This slimming tool is not really one, even if it gives the impression of carving and refining the silhouette.

Indeed, by compressing the chest and stomach, it can degrade the skin , to hurt the vital organs, such as kidneys, liver or spleen. This goes against the desired effect.

The lack of oxygenation caused by the wearing of this garment in the long term can even lead to weight gain and attack your general metabolism . Many people decry this method, not rational for some.

Thus, the best method is the practice of a regular activity and a varied diet. You can perfectly wear this type of Overnight Lean Keto REVIEWS clothing, but for a particular occasion, apart from any physical exercise . The best is to wear it for a few hours at most, not every day.

Which exercises burns fat for men?

Motivation is one of the factors promoting weight loss . For a man, it is important to refine different parts of the body, including the abdominal area .

In some cases, the best solution is to opt for an intensive slimming program. The latter includes both bodybuilding exercises and a suitable diet .

It is also recommended to adopt a healthier lifestyle . This includes full nights of at least eight hours, allowing the body and body to rest well.

The fitness and cardio to get started
In order to refine his silhouette , a man must first choose the best sports adapted to his physical condition.  overnight lean keto Those who are not used to it require a certain amount of adaptation. They must start their sports program with cardio .

This step aims to find the right heart rate , so you can increase it over the weeks. This is primarily the number of heartbeats per second. This allows the body to have endurance during a physical activity such as fitness . It reduces the risk of shortness of breath and fatigue.

Dance and jump rope are great ways to have the right heart rate.

Bodybuilding to achieve its slimming goal
After a few weeks of training and adaptation, the body is ready for more intense sports sessions. It is possible to perform different sets of bodybuilding to boost weight gain.

The principle of this program is very simple because the increase of the volume of the muscles favors the melting of the fats . The body draws its energy from this source of energy that it has stored year after year .

In addition to bodybuilding , it is also better to opt for other sports activities.

Running is so effective to stay in shape and find a slimmer figure . It does not require any specific equipment and can be done in the evening after work.

As for the pumps and the exercises of abs , they allow to have a flat belly .

Diet, a natural factor to lose weight
A healthy and varied diet contributes to the thinning of the body. It is better to seek the advice of a professional such as a dietician or a nutritionist . These give the list of fat burning foods as well as the typical menus to prepare each day.

It is very important to always favor organic ingredients . They are rich in vitamins and nutrients essential for the proper functioning of the metabolism.

Weight loss is quite possible by adopting a powerful diet and opting for an intense sports program .

Reverse pushups. The best exercise for triceps?

Reverse pushups. What, why and why.
Big hands – is this not a worthy goal? Of course, and some more, but it is often possible to see that standard exercises and work exclusively on one muscle group, the biceps, are used in pumping them. And really, take a closer look, when it comes to the hands, for some reason everyone is pumping the two-headed muscle of the shoulder. Numerous lifts of dumbbells and biceps bars, concentrated cuts and other tools are used to swing the arms. However, the desired volumes are sluggish and reluctant. All this makes you think about whether it is worth changing priorities and putting first place not the most significant part of the arm – the biceps, but the triceps. Besides the fact that the latter has three heads (against two), it also makes up 75%total hand volume. And although no one sees the triceps per se, it is he who contributes the lion’s share to the volume of his hands, and therefore he needs to pay close attention. This we will do, having studied one of the best exercises for his swing – reverse push-ups.

Triceps dips or dips on bench – this is an exercise in the English version. We know it under the name of Eminem push-ups from the bench or dips between two supports (benches). This is my favorite exercise because of its awesome efficiency and ease of execution. You do not need to go to the gym, you can easily “do” triceps at home.

In this exercise, the main load falls on the triceps (and at the same time on the two heads – the lateral and medial) …

triceps, three heads
… the deltoids, thoracic, rhomboid, and widest are secondly involved. During the flexion of the elbows (dip phase), the triceps contract eccentrically; when returning to their original position, the triceps contract concentrically. Reverse pushups are a basic mass-training exercise that involves movement in more than one joint (elbow and brachial).

The complete muscle atlas is as follows.

reverse pushups, muscle work

For a better understanding of the material, all further narrative will be divided into sub-chapters.

Now let’s take a look.

Benefits from doing the exercise back pushups

The failures between the two supports are not for nothing considered to be the best exercises for the triceps, this is confirmed not only by scientific studies, but also by their tuevuchu advantages. In particular, the latter include:

This is a closed kinetic chain (CKC) exercise that involves moving the body while the arms (or legs) are in a fixed position. It perfectly isolates the triceps and at once draws all three of its heads into operation;
the absence of a pulse during the “dip” allows one to maintain tension in the triceps throughout the whole movement;
the use of an unlimited amount of weight allows you to constantly progress in the exercise;
the variability of the exercise allows the use of different width of the grip and the position of the feet;
dips contribute to the development of the width of the chest, slightly stretching it when lowering;
reverse push-ups significantly develop the athlete’s strength, allowing him to add in such basic exercises as a barbell / dumbbell bench press;
inclusion in the work of small RDX Surge muscle groups (muscle-stabilizers), which are very difficult to hook with standard movements.

Scientific research in VIDA Fitness Renaissance (Washington, USA) has shown that reverse pushups are one of the most effective exercises for identifying a high level of triceps muscle activity. “… Dips are movement in a closed circuit, and it provides growth stimuli for many synergistic muscles, including the pectoralis major, trapezoidal, and anterior serrated.”

We go further.

Reverse pushups: performance technique

Of course, we cannot ignore the correct technique for doing the exercise and failures, so let’s take it step by step.

Step number 1.

Set two benches across at arm’s length. Turn your back to one of them and place your hands (grip shoulder width) on the edge, throw your legs on the other. The legs should not be deep on the bench, you just need to put them on the edge. This is the starting position.

Step number 2.

As you inhale, slowly begin to get involved downward, bending your elbows. Lower your fifth point to a position where the shoulders are not parallel to the floor (angle 90 degrees). Keep your elbows straight and do not push them apart.

Step number 3.

Reaching the bottom, using only the power of the triceps, powerfully push the torso up, lifting yourself (as you exhale) to the PI. Repeat the specified number of times.

The exercise may seem simple in execution, to some extent it is so, but I will give different views of it in order to focus on the most “problematic places” and remove all technical issues at once. So, in the picture version, reverse push-ups, when the legs are on the floor (girlish option :)) look like this.

reverse push-ups
In motion, the push-ups look like this.

The recommended number of repetitions for different types of athletes.

reverse pushups, number of repetitions


We all know that large weights and a small number of repetitions (from 4 to 8 ) are necessary to achieve muscle hypertrophy . Often their own body weight is not enough (especially guys), to qualitatively load the triceps. In such cases, it is necessary to use additional weight in the form of a belt with a chain or pancakes, which are superimposed on the pelvic region. At home, it can be dumbbells or a backpack with a weight.

Reverse pushups: subtleties and secrets

As in any other exercise, failures have their own nuances and subtleties of execution; by following them, you will protect yourself as much as possible from injury.


sitting on the edge of the support, hold your hands in the immediate vicinity of your hips;
at the top point, you must leave your hands slightly bent (for the option of feet on the floor);
slowly and controlledly go down and powerfully, explosively upwards;
the back should be straight throughout the entire trajectory and walk in a vertical plane (near the edge of the bench);
the body should sag exactly m / y supports, and this is achieved by installing on the edge of the benches of hands and feet;
using additional weights, first put them on the basin, and only then throw your legs;
when the weight becomes significant (important for guys), ask your partner to load you with pancakes;
do not fall below 90 angle degrees in the elbow joint, it is fraught with injuries;
The last repeats in the same approach can be performed to failure, i.e. when you can not get up.
The basic errors are as follows.

reverse pushups, major mistakes
Well, I think, honey is enough, it’s time to talk about a fly in the ointment, if there is one at all.

Do push-ups hurt your shoulders?

Very often there are rumors on the Internet that they say reverse push-ups put pressure on the shoulders and should not be done. Let’s take a look at this in detail.

The movement itself (failure down) increases the shearing forces in the shoulder joint and may adversely affect the nerve endings of the muscle group. In addition, the implementation of this exercise requires sufficient flexibility of the shoulder and stability of the shoulder bag. If the athlete does not possess such, then it is necessary to adhere to strict angle technology – up to 90 degrees and use of adequately moderate weights. Otherwise, there is a high probability of injury to the rotator cuff of the shoulder (the weakest and untrained part of the delta). An alternative option for dips with less strain on the shoulder joint are push-ups on the bars. Although this option requires more initial force, it is less traumatic, although again it all depends on the “depth of the dive” and the intelligence of the athlete.

An important addition is the placement of this exercise in the triceps workout program. Often failures are put to the end as a finishing exercise. So you should not do it, because the shoulder joint is already loaded enough and tired of the previous work, and the upcoming basic exercise (especially with a lot of weight) will drive it into the “traumatic dead end”.

Conclusion: it is possible to injure your shoulders by performing reverse push-ups, if you do not include your head, i.e. go deep down, take big weights at the current “shaky” shoulder position, do not warm them up and put the exercise at the end of the workout. Of course, you want massive hands here and now, and not after a rain on Thursday :), but you have to understand that you can forget about injuring big hands for a very long time, you ask: do you need it? I think no.

Body types: what factors affect the buildup?

This Friday we will continue to analyze the topic of muscle fibers and find out how best to train depending on body type, what training parameters should be followed when working with different types of MV, and also get acquainted with one interesting feature of the training. Well, in the conclusion of a poster we will analyze the “insides” of the majority of muscle groups, and on the basis of these data we will offer specific training programs. All this I would like to fit in one note. As it will be in reality, the scribbling will show whether Ostap will incur today or not :).

Muscle fiber and exercise. Part 2 logo

If you do not understand anything of what was said, so much the better, at least read the note to the end. And we begin.

Muscle fibers: features for different body types and training parameters
Well, we will begin, as usual, with a rollback into the past – referring you to the materials of our previous part , in which we covered research questions regarding muscle fibers. Be sure to read them, otherwise you will “swim” in the second part, we go further. And today the practical side of working with mv is on the agenda: we will learn specific facts about fibers I and II types and find out which training program will allow them to be shaken as effectively as possible. Actually, we move from words to new words :).

For a better understanding of the material, all further narrative will be divided into sub-chapters.

Body types: what factors affect the buildup?

The way your body responds to a training stimulus is 80% determined by genetics. This means that the magnum pump xr predominant type is m. can be strengthened with proper training stimulus. In other words, if your training program is sharpened by the genotype of certain muscle fibers, you will most likely get the maximum benefits from the exercises.

Next, we will examine the muscle fibers in the key of genetics and strength training.

There are two types of m. with additional subtype:

Slow fibers, type I : produce low voltage, have significant fatigue resistance (hardy) , motor neuron α of small size;
Fast jerking fibers, type IIA : produce high tension, resistance to fatigue to a point, motor neuron α of medium size;
Fast jerking fibers, type IIB / IIX : produce very high voltage, get tired quickly, large motor neuron α.
Our stable body shape is usually laid by the age of 20 , i.e. At this age, obvious signs of genetics are most pronounced. With the help of anthropometry, we can fairly reliably determine our body type . Stable in this case implies that with the subsequent age a person “acquires” kilograms – an additional (most often fatty) mass sticks to his initial backbone . Thus, the skeleton of a person can be an ectomorph, but a sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work form an intermediate / mixed type of it. For example, ectomorph-endomorph / ectomorph with a stomach (tall, lean type, but with an increased waist) .

If we evaluate the body types from the point of view of the prevailing mv, then:

ectomorphs – a greater proportion of slow muscle fibers of the 1st type;
mesomorphs – higher% m.v. fast twitching, types 2a and 2b ;
endomorphs – the greater the proportion of m. type 2b .
Pure body type is a relative rarity, we all in one way or another are a mix of type I and 2a and 2b fibers , just the percentage from person to person varies.

Other genetic factors also contribute to an athlete’s muscle development – strength, muscle volume. These include (according to various scientific studies) :

myostatin: anti-growth genotype, inhibiting (inhibiting) muscle growth;
interleukin- 15 : IL- 15 is a moderator of muscle mass in response to strength training;
ciliary neurotrophic factor: CNTF G / G and G / A genotypes show greater muscle hypertrophy compared to A / A homozygotes;
alpha-actinin- 3 : the ACTN-3 genotype R577X is highly represented in strength / power sports athletes;
Light chain myosin kinase: an enzyme involved in the binding of myosin and actin. The more of this protein, the greater the interbridge junction, the brighter the force appears. The disadvantage is that the level of fatigue increases significantly;
Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) : an enzyme that determines vascular tone. You also have the insertion gene “i” or the deletion / deletion gene “d”. People with “ii” tend to carry a high proportion of type I muscle fibers . For those with “dd”, fast twitch fibers predominate, and individuals with “id” have an equal amount of mv. I and II types. The ACE d allele has a positive effect on muscle development.
All of these genetic factors were analyzed in 3 body types, and here are the results that were obtained:

genetic factors that influence genotype variability
Conclusions or what to expect in various long-term body types from strength training:

ectomorphs – an increase in strength / strength indicators, but not necessarily muscle mass;
mesomorphs – increase in strength, volume and endurance;
endomorphs – an even greater increase in strength and muscle mass.
Now let’s talk about such a factor as …

Load time

Regardless of body type, it is important for an athlete to choose a training incentive that would recruit both types of fibers. Too short (approach lasts less than 60 seconds) – we do not fully recruit m.v. type i . Too long (approach lasts more than 180 seconds) , and we will allow m.v. Type I to recover and continue to use them, therefore, we will compensate for the recruitment of type 2a and 2b fibers , which are important for the development of strength.

In practical terms, a training stimulus will be one that tires a muscle or muscle group for 180 seconds. This will ensure the recruitment of all muscle fibers (of both types at once) , which will contribute to the development of strength and have a positive impact on other parameters of progress.

Conclusion: in their training for the development of all types of m. Try to stay under load for 1.5 to 3 minutes, ideally 2-2.5 minutes for large muscle groups and 1.8-1.2 minutes for medium / small ones.

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What you need to know about muscle fibers: the facts. Training strategies

Hereinafter, we will summarize all the information about the m.v. sounded in 2 parts of the note (until now) . and derive their most significant characteristics / properties and begin with …

№1. Type I fibers. Characteristics, facts

There are five of them:

contain mitochondria – organelles that use oxygen to help create adenosine triphosphate (ATP) , which is a chemical that actually feeds muscle contractions – an aerobic way;
slower ones are red fibers, because they contain more blood-transported myoglobin, which creates a darker look;
because they can energize themselves, so they are able to maintain a force for a long period of time, but they are not able to generate significant force;
have a low activation threshold, which means that they are recruited first when the muscles contract. If they cannot generate the amount of force needed for a particular activity, fast muscle fibers are activated;
endurance training can help increase the concentration of mitochondria, which increases the efficiency of the use of the body with oxygen for the production of ATP.
№2. Type I Fibers Training Strategies

For training red m. use:

exercises, which are characterized by stable isometric contractions with a small movement of the joint, holding MV able to shrink / compress for a long period of time;
training with the use of exercises according to the pattern “light weights — slow pace of movement — large (from 15 ) number of repetitions”;
Circuit training – alternating exercises with the use of light weights with a minimum (or no) rest m / them;
exercises with a body weight (for example, squats or lunges) for a large number of repetitions;
when working only with body weight (or a small resistance / burden), use short rest intervals of 30 seconds between sets.

If after some time you have noticed that this or that muscle group has lagged behind you, most likely, this is due to the dominant in it, m. For example, when training your legs, you noticed a lag in the calves. Change the design of their work: increased weight load, more repetitions, sets and shorter rest periods for them.