How many calories in smoked meat?

One serving of 100 grams of smoked meat contains about 190 calories. It is therefore a meat rather low caloric that can be consumed during a diet. Discover a delicious recipe for smoked meat!

Calories of smoked meat
Most of the calories provided by smoked meat are proteins. Its lipid concentration is quite low, as is its carbohydrate content. Smoked meat is therefore an ideal food during a diet. It will provide the protein needed to quickly fill the hunger and energy for the whole day.

Smoked meat will be suitable for athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts. Its 19 grams of protein per 100 grams of product make it a special aid for the rapid development of niwali keto muscles. Smoked meat is included in some Weight Watchers diets and promotes weight loss.

Nutritional value of smoked meat
Smoked meat has a high nutritional value. It is very rich in trace elements such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. Eating smoked meat is therefore an excellent habit for the health of the youngest. This type of diet is also suitable for pregnancy.

It can be adopted by both the pregnant woman and the woman who is breastfeeding. Many vitamins are also present in large quantities in smoked meat. These include vitamins A, B, C and E. However, be careful not to choose too salty meat, which can have harmful effects on the body and can lead to a significant water retention that leads to the taking weight.

Smoked meat with oyster mushrooms
-200 grams of smoked beef
-1 handful of oyster mushrooms
-2 shallots
-500 grams of potatoes
-5cl of red wine

1 – Dry the oyster mushrooms in the oven for 40 minutes at 100 ° C
2 – Cook the potatoes in the oven at 200 ° C
3 – Prepare your shallot sauce by turning them in a little butter.
4 – Add the red wine in the shallot sauce at the end of cooking.
5 – Heat the smoked meat and serve it covered with shallot sauce, oyster mushrooms and potatoes.

Smoked meat, what is it?
This is a method of preparing beef or pork. It was originally used to increase the shelf life of it. Its consumption is now widespread throughout the world. There are several techniques that make it possible to obtain smoked meat.

You can still find smoked meat, steamed meat or smoked meat on the barbecue.

How many calories in almond bread?

Many people love to eat almond bread at breakfast. In addition to being delicious, these cupcakes are indeed gold mines bringing us the energy we need to attack the day. Given their nutritional wealth, is this food our ally or our enemy if we want to keep the line?

Combien de calories dans le pain aux amandes ?

To answer this question, it is essential to know how many calories are there in almond bread, and especially how to lighten its recipe. Without further ado, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Almond bread, a high calorie food
Almond bread is a bomb of calories. In fact, 100 g of this cake contain up to 400 kcal. An adult is supposed to absorb, on average, 1900 kcal per day. Looking more closely at its nutritional value, you will find that the same amount of bread contains 22.2 g of fat, 39.8 g of carbohydrates and 7.8 g of protein. In view of these figures, it seems obvious that almond bread makes you fat, which is why it is not advisable to eat it during pregnancy.

To remedy this, it is important to review its ingredients for a lighter version. This is the only way to continue to take without constraining your line.

Light almond bread, gluten-free
Today, we will see how to prepare a gluten-free, ultra-light and low-calorie almond loaf. Easy to prepare, you will have in all for less than 45 minutes before going to dinner. For 4 people, you will need:

180 g ground almonds
10 g of coconut powder
80 g of coconut oil
10 g of gluten-free baking powder
5 eggs
1 pinch of salt
1 tablespoon of honey
1 spoon of cider vinegar
In a bowl, mix almond powder, coconut, salt and yeast;
Add eggs, honey, vinegar and coconut oil;
Pour the dough into a cake tin;
Cook for 30 minutes at 180 ° C.
Our tips for keeping the line with almond bread
100 g of this gluten-free version has about 179 kcal. Despite the fact that it is half as much caloric, it must be consumed in moderation not to grow. Thus, every morning, three to four slices of bread will be enough to contain you until noon.

Almond bread is a hypercaloric food at the base. To continue to eat as part of a slimming diet, so it is important to review its recipe to lighten it.

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Longevity: what if the key was in the muscles?

Longevity: what if the key was in the muscles?

For more than a decade, the challenge is to know how to identify the intolerances of individuals to enable them to live longer. Many analytical laboratories offer their solutions by testing foods.

However, these are not enough to ensure a better longevity. So what are the secrets of a long life? To take an example of the population living in the mountains of Sardinia and reaching the age of 100, we can say that there are many causes that can explain this longevity.

Food of course , but not only. Physical activity and social connection In fact, studies have shown that muscles can also be linked to this longevity.

Food is not enough to live long
Adopting a proper diet obviously has many benefits for our health. However, this is not the one and only reason that explains an important longevity. By comparing several populations, scientists have put forward a rather impressive observation. Men who live longer have higher body mass compared to men who live shorter lives.

For women, this difference is even more marked . These are real differences in physical characteristics that have absolutely nothing to do with diet. They are the unique fruit of physical activity. What is the relationship between physical activity and longevity? Quite simply, people who practice the most sports, such as bodybuilding for example , develop muscle mass. Their risk of dying prematurely is thus greatly reduced compared to others.

The beneficial effects of muscles on longevity
The presence of muscles is even more important that it can effectively fight against attacks of bacteria and viruses.

Our immune system finds its energy in white blood cells, which are proteins. To allow them to multiply and attack the virus present in the body, these cells have a high protein requirement.

Now, the best place to have one is of course muscle tissue. Indeed, the muscles represent more than 70% of the proteins present in the human body.

If we lose muscle mass, our immune system will become less resistant and responsive when faced with a new enemy. The other consequence of this is that the excessive loss of muscle mass will cause our body in a chronic inflammatory state.

Hence the importance of playing sports and developing muscle mass to live longer . You now know the well-kept secret of longevity!

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How many calories in household bread?

Homemade, old-fashioned, the household bread embalms the kitchen and delights the taste buds. Among its peculiarities: often made with milk, it also contains butter and added sugar. What to make it richer in calories than other breads … To eat household bread without ruining your efforts to lose weight, follow our advice and test our recipe grandmother lightened!

The bread, high in calories and carbohydrates
Better not count kcal when you are about to start a traditional household bread … Fatter and sweeter, it has everything to raise the blood glucose ceiling and round the hip and belly.

To keep the line, it is therefore imperative to strongly limit its consumption. Better: to modify the traditional recipe. The lightest household bread? A brown bread, complete with flour!

Easy cooking: wholemeal bread
– 4 cups full of whole wheat flour
– 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar (for a low glycemic index)
– 1 pinch of salt
– 1 packet of quick yeast
– 400 ml warm water

– In a salad bowl, mix all the dry ingredients before digging a well.

– Pour the lukewarm water into the well, then add it to the preparation with a spoon.

– Then knead the dough with your hands for about ten minutes.

– Put the dough back in the bowl, cover it with a cloth and let it rise for three quarters of an hour in a warm place.

– Preheat your oven to 180 ° C.

– Knead the dough again for about 30 seconds before shaping it into a roll.

– Butter a cake tin, and put the dough in it.

– Cooking time: 25 minutes.

The bread can also be made with a thermomix.

Homemade bread: the other assets of our recipe
Lighter than traditional home-made bread, our all-wheat home-made bread also has more nutritional value.

Thanks to its very complete flour, it brings you many minerals: phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc or copper are among its main nutrients.

Very rich in fiber, contrary to the white household bread, our integral bread also makes it possible to accelerate the transit, in particular in case of constipation.

But if you eat gluten-free, go your way!

Not really ideal when following a slimming diet, household bread can however be revisited! If you really want to taste its sweet sweetness, try our lighter version.

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Is the lifting of the thighs effective against stretch marks and cellulite?

Yes, the facelift is an effective cosmetic surgery operation against stretch marks and cellulite . The situation is singular because if there is no fat, there will be no excess skin once they have been sucked and therefore, the face lift in this case, no is not feasible.

The lifting of the thighs, how does it work on cellulite?
The hormonal upheavals can be at the origin of these nasty marks on the skin, but also a very important weight gain. They are formed in the dermis, area of ​​the skin where are located the “fibroblasts”, cells responsible for the formation of collagen which ensures the elasticity of the skin . The operation retires the skin from the inside of the upper leg, the excess skin being eliminated.

To remove cellulite , the plastic surgeon practices a liposuction that removes fat deposits while preserving the nerves and blood vessels, then pulls on the skin before making an invisible scar in the crease of the groin. If the volume of fat is very large and distributed over the entire thigh , the incision then starts at the knee to go up to the groin.

Healing and final result of the thigh lift
Healing is improved by wearing a compression panty during the two weeks following the facelift . It is a condition that improves blood circulation and promotes healing. As for pain, although it can vary from one person to another, it is quite bearable.

One could make the comparison with aches that would occur following muscular efforts . If it is too important, the doctor may prescribe analgesics. Despite the edema that has settled, the result is immediate, the thigh is thinned, all the marks are gone and there is more cellulite.

The definitive result will be visible 5 to 6 months after the operation, time necessary so that the edema can be totally absorbed, that the tissues stabilize and that the cicatrization is total, knowing that it will take 10 to 12 months for have a definitive appearance (“scarring of scars”).

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How to highlight a round face?

Cheeks too round to your liking, the beginnings of a double chin or forehead a little prominent …, a round face can be the sign of a problem of weight or simply the natural shape of the figure.

How to highlight a round face?

So, how to enhance it? We will focus on makeup to rebalance the structure of the face, a hairstyle to lengthen the features and with volume.Let’s take a look at these tips and hints to hide the curves of a face more closely.

Refine a round face: zoom on contouring
“I have a doll face, I do not know how to show it”. Makeup technique to accentuate or give relief, contouring is the perfect method to refine a baby face . With the help of a big brush and the use of two foundations of different colors – one being darker than that corresponding to its complexion and the other lighter – the aim is to redraw the cheekbones by creating relief .

Applied on the oval of the face and on the hollow of the cheeks while pulling outwards , the darker foundation will have the effect of making them visually finer. Deposited on the protruding parts of the face, cheekbones, chin tips and nose, forehead, the use of the illuminator will complete a contouring makeup.

Refine a round face: the enhancement of the look
To slice with the roundness of the face and to lengthen it, the make-up of the eyes will have the effect of creating eyes in almond . The drawing of a line of eye-liner stretching towards the temples is suitable for everyday use.

Otherwise, a revolver look in smocky eyes stretched with elongated eyelashes will sublimate any round face , erasing the baby looks to make way for the face of a femme fatale.

For a perfect rendering, do not forget to draw your eyebrows high arch. The attention is then focused on the look, the nude tones and the matte will be preferred to make up his mouth . Glosses and other shiny lip sticks will only intensify the roundness of the face.

Enhancement of a round face: the double chin
A double chin ? Refine or blend it by always playing with the shadows. To do this, use a powder of a shade darker than your skin that you spread with a large brush on the jaws, along the jaw. Be careful not to put too much to avoid the beard effect.

To soften the shadow created by the camouflage make-up and for a natural effect, finish with a sweep with a transparent powder.

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10 grandmother’s remedies to overcome varicose veins

10 grandmother's remedies to overcome varicose veins

Varicose veins are both unsightly and painful . This venous swelling can, in the long run, take even more serious proportions (vascular disorders, phlebitis …) Before the problem requires a laser intervention or ablation, it is possible to act. Some grandmother’s remedies can relieve benign varicose veins.

The slimming shop 
1 – The cider vinegar
It’s not about pouring on all your dishes. This is a question of massages based on cider vinegar . You will only use a few drops that you will apply on the area to relieve. Then perform a gentle massage, in small circular motions. Repeat the operation each day and see the evolution. There is a variant to this trick of soaking a compress in cider vinegar before applying it for half an hour on the varicose vein.

2 – Garlic
Among all the possible solutions, this one remains the most popular but requires a little preliminary preparation. In a jar, take six cloves of garlic and add the juice of three freshly squeezed oranges and three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil . This mixture should be left for 24 hours before being used as a massage oil.

3 – The oil of nigella
Nigella oil is a vegetable oil from Turkey . Orange in color, it has a very spicy smell. Attention, it can be expensive but you will have, thanks to a bottle, enough to make many massages! Its specific texture lends itself well to exercise.

4 – The compression stockings
The compression stocking is particularly effective. Its role is to compress the leg and stimulate the venous circulation . It is therefore very appropriate in case of swelling and effect ‘heavy legs’. You must wear them during the day and leave your legs in the open during the night. However, you can elevate them to further activate traffic. The relief is almost immediate and the comfort that it grants throughout the day is appreciable.

5 – Hot baths
This is not a trick but a habit to proscribe in case of varicose veins . Like a prolonged sun exposure, a hot bath contributes to the dilation of the veins. This phenomenon quickly aggravates a varicose problem.

6 – Homeopathy
Homeopathy will not cure your varicose veins, but it will reduce symptoms and discomfort. It’s natural and simple. Thanks to this, you will suffer less from the effect of heavy legs and tingling sensations.

7 – Long live the march
Indeed, even if it does not appeal to you, doing a little exercise is very effective because it stimulates the circulation of blood. You do not have to become a marathon runner but the equivalent of thirty minutes of walking a day is an excellent habit of life to put in place if it is not already the case.

8 – Eating draining and anti-oxidant foods
There are many foods to choose from: tomatoes , peppers, olive oil, strawberries and citrus fruits . Thanks to them, your body will be boosted and more responsive.

9 – The Cayenne pepper
If you tolerate it, it can indeed help you. For this, take a cup of hot water and pour a teaspoon of cayenne pepper . Let stand a few moments and drink. You can eat it three times a day.

10 – The parsley
Macerate a handful of parsley in a cup of hot water. Filter this preparation and let it rest for 24 hours in the fridge. The next day, take a cotton pad and apply your lotion on the sensitive area.

With these valuable tips, you now know what to do to naturally treat your varicose veins at home. If you do not notice a rapid improvement, consult your doctor for appropriate treatment.


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Is tiger oil effective against stretch marks?

To strengthen your biceps with an elastic band, you need to know how to work your biceps effectively with an elastic and bet on exercises that target this group of muscles of the front part of your arm. Let’s see here how to strengthen your biceps with a rubber band.

How to work your biceps with an elastic?
A bicep workout with an elastic band is like training with the barbell or dumbbells (a heavy basic exercise and a medium-heavy exercise).

But the execution of movements with the elastic slightly differs. The concentric part must be very fast when you bend your elbow. Because the eccentric is essential to develop your biceps.

But the elastic is shortened all the more greatly as it is quickly stretched. By stretching it quickly, it produces an interesting boomerang effect.

Apart from that, you have the opportunity to perform the exercises for biceps that you are used to doing. You can even create movements by varying the grips, shoulder rotations, arm rotations, and more.

The management of your workload is done by the size of the elastic and the length of the stretch.

Targeted exercises to strengthen the biceps with a rubber band
Strength training with a rubber band is an excellent solution for those who want to strengthen their biceps by reducing the traumatic effect of traditional exercises on bodybuilding on the joints. You can perform several exercises with a rubber band to work the anterior part of your arm that is made up of several muscles.

So you can do stick-elastic curl in order to have well muscled biceps. This exercise is perfect for women who want to firm up their biceps. To do this exercise, simply attach an elastic to each foot, then move a broom handle or a stick at the other end. Bend your elbows holding your arms tight against you.

You can also bend your elbows. With your elastic, bend your elbows while adjusting the tension of your elastic so that your biceps are sufficiently stressed. You need to keep your back straight and have your elbows against you during this exercise.

It is important to have a program that uses heavy exercise, strenuous exercise and exercise to improve the endurance of your muscle to better recover afterwards. For example you can do the two-arm curl, the incline bench curl and the curl elbows forward. You can reverse the last two exercises of this program according to your level. By doing these exercises with an elastic band, your muscles will be very stressed and you will have well formed biceps.

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Chocolate 100% cocoa to lose weight?

Chocolate 100% cocoa to lose weight?

How to reconcile his love of chocolate and slimming diet efforts ? The answer is simple: turning to the darkest chocolate possible.

The slimming shop 
100% cocoa chocolate is not going to lose weight, but consumed in moderation, it can be a valuable ally for the line.

The “slimming” virtues of 100% cocoa chocolate
Cocoa is very rich in fiber , which stimulates the intestinal transit and makes you lose weight. This is particularly useful in a slimming diet that is for example the pride of proteins. In the same way, to have a good transit makes it possible to obtain a flatter belly.

The higher the chocolate content of cocoa, the higher the fiber content. From 70%, one gets as much fiber as consuming certain vegetables.

100 grams of chocolate of this type provide 640 kcal, 15 grams of fat and 36 grams of saturated fat, 8 grams of carbohydrate including 0 grams of sugar, 16 grams of dietary fiber and 12 grams of protein.

Then, although it brings calories ( from cocoa butter, which is great for the body ), 100% cocoa chocolate is sugar free. This makes it a succulent hunger cut, which is good for the body and mind without detonating the calorie bill of the day.

It is also lent a strong anti-stress thanks to the magnesium it contains : enough to limit the cravings for cracking!

Which recipe with 100% cocoa chocolate?
Many people find it too bitter to be tasted as is, in tablet. It can be declined in light chocolate mousse.

100 grams of chocolate 100% organic cocoa powder or tablet
water from a box of chickpeas or red beans
1 vanilla extract (optional)
1.5 tablespoons stevia or liquid fructose
Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie if it is a tablet
Use a mixer to raise the chickpea juice until it is very sparkling
Add fructose slowly while beating
Mix chocolate and chickpea water well, as for a traditional mousse
Place in containers and refrigerate
Good tasting !

100% cocoa chocolate is good for your health
Its benefits are numerous and supported by numerous scientific studies.

Extremely rich in antioxidants (flavonoids) that help prevent certain diseases and fight premature aging of cells
Antioxidant capacity up to 3 times higher than green tea
Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
Improvement of cholesterol levels
Helps reduce blood pressure
Good for the memory
Mental stimulant in case of transient depression … but also physical in sports and bodybuilding
Soothing, delicious and healthy, chocolate 100% cocoa and diet are so good … provided of course not to eat a tablet at each snack!

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My dry menu at 2500 kcal

When you start a well-thought-out bodybuilding program, dieting is a reflection. No question of losing muscle mass acquired during long and difficult training periods!

So, we can move towards a dry diet: it is simply a specific food program designed to be effective athletes wanting to lose fat and not lean mass.

Sample dry menu at 2500 kcal for one week
For a typical week, you can already establish the following daily menu, which you will adapt according to your desires and objectives. So that it is not too complicated, you can start from the idea that the authorized foods are carbohydrate-free foods, unprocessed with the addition of additional fats or other additives: you will have all the vegetables, meats, eggs, fish etc. Avoid too much fruit, since they are sugars.

Morning: 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, 70 gr of oatmeal, 30 gr of dried fruit powder

Noon: 200 gr of white meat or fish 350 gr of vegetables (up to more hunger) possibly 1 to 2 tablespoons of rice20 gr of oils

Afternoon snack: 200 gr of white cheese 0%

Evening: 200 gr of white meat or fish30 gr of oils (except if fat fish on the menu) 350 gr of vegetables (until more hungry) Dessert or before sleeping: 150 gr of white cheese 0%

The dry diet: the main principles
What is called “dry” in bodybuilding is the action of losing weight in a “comic” way. We lose weight by gaining fine muscles with precise lines. This type of diet is opposed in language to a regime of muscle mass gain. In fact they are two different stages. To have certain sports performances, a minimum muscle mass is necessary. Then, according to the people, one can wish with a profile drawn with more or less finesse.

To dry, it will therefore be necessary to make a diet that will be thought only to lose fat. There are nevertheless several possible orientations to this type of diet: low carb or low fat, you choose, no need to deprive you of both, except particular profile. In any case, the focus will be on high protein consumption.

Dry dieting necessarily goes hand in hand with a specific bodybuilding workout. The focus will be on long series. It is important to maintain cardio sessions, which speed up the body’s metabolism: this is how you lose weight more easily. Sessions of 50 minutes to 60 minutes of cardio are sufficient, because it is not necessary either to be exhausted and to begin to draw in the muscles.

Dry naturally, it’s possible: think about your program
As with any training, drying in a natural and easy way can be done respecting a certain method. First of all, you have to define your goals. We must define the period over which this diet will last according to the weight to lose. We can go on the reasonable basis of a kg per week, no more if we do not want to suffer from the effect “yo-yo”. Losing 10 kg will be done over a period of 2 months and a half, with 5 weeks then return to equilibrium, not to take up fat.

Food level, the idea will be to make menus very rich in protein, with a consumption of vegetables at will to stave off hunger. You will consume a small amount of carbohydrates and, if you choose the low carb orientation, you will be able to keep the good fatty acids in your diet. Vary the oils, consume them to the maximum extracted cold and raw.

Most carbohydrates consumed should be in the hour before or after your workout.

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